About Renee Wayne

Follow Your Dogma!

I live in a bright purple house with pink and white trim. I like shiny things. I have a dog treat “library” made just for me on a post in my front yard, because I love dogs. Others may have a treat library, but mine is the coolest, bar none.

My husband and I are recent empty nesters, my son is the oldest and already adulting. Pat’s son just launched this year. We’re over the moon proud parents. We have two rescue dogs, Bart and Biscuit, who we spoil endlessly with treats and lots of belly rubs and snuggles. They’re the children now.

I’ve been a paralegal for much of my professional working life – going on 30 years now. In that capacity I’ve done a ton of persuasive style writing and research. My interest now is in creative writing.

I believe that you should invest in yourself.

My motto is “you don’t get what you don’t ask for.” So ask. Be brave not only of others, but especially of yourself. You deserve it. I believe in staying active, eating whole foods and staying away from overly processed foods with that ever-present Conga-line of shit list of ingredients.

It’s important to take good care of myself and my family, including the two rescue kids still living at home. Which is exactly why I started baking treats for my dogs, and now your dogs too – I believe what you feed them is important. I want to do everything possible to extend their
lives because, selfishly, I don’t want to miss out on even a minute of snuggles, kisses and belly rubs. If I wouldn’t eat it, it doesn’t go in my products.  You might say it’s my dogma. 



Erik Picks a Pittie

By Renee L. Wayne

In this heartwarming tale, we meet Erik, an eight-year-old boy filled with excitement and hope as he embarks on a journey with his mom to adopt a new furry friend from the local shelter. Their adventure takes an unexpected turn when Erik is drawn to a pit bull named Bart. Despite the breed’s negative stereotypes, Erik’s earnest pleas convince his mom to give Bart a chance to become part of their family.


As Bart settles into his new home, the story unfolds with themes of trust, overcoming fears, and breaking down misconceptions. Erik and Bart form an unbreakable bond, teaching each other about bravery, love, and the joy of second chances. Bart, once hesitant and wary, learns to trust his new family and discovers his courage.


A delightful subplot emerges with Bart’s newfound love for homemade peanut butter biscuits, symbolizing the simple joys of home and the warmth of a family’s love. This story not only entertains but also imparts valuable lessons about compassion, understanding, and the importance of giving every dog, regardless of their breed, a loving home.